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Global Day of Code Retreat 2015

Teach to learn

Someone says that the better way to learn, is to teach. And I am proud to all the things I've learned from the community. So, thank you, community. Thanks to the community, I've learned how to tdd, how to pair programming, how to work with tools such as vim. Today, at my fist code retreat, I've learned from all my pairs. I've learned that I need to spend a lot of time to improve my skills as teacher. I've learned, again, that configure an environment for a walking skeleton is not an easy step, if you dont know that specific language or platform. I've learned that I can give to the community my knowledges. And Today, I've done this. And again, I discovered that some my collegues share with passion with tdd and ... craftmanship? I am not yet a craftman.

Environment for training

Another important thing to know, when we do the code retreat, is that one of the pair must have a configured environment for the training session. I've spent a lot of time, in some cases, to configure folders, define make file. Yes, I am a php file, and I know my environemnt. I've created a repository on github, and also a vim plugin, to start new tdd sessions. But these tools ar not "production ready". I the future, I want to make the right vagrant machine, and the right tdd tools to make training easier. The goal, is avoiding the time lost for configurations. I'll look pairs in the community to give back to the community these tools.

Testing methods that return void

Oh! The last iteration makes me so confused. I've always tested my oop code making checks on returned value of a method. In the last iteration me and my pair have learned to test classes with methods that return void. At the beginning I've tried to use closures, callback. Tests looked so strange and difficult to read. At the final retrospective, I've learned that that was the moment of the introduction of collaborators. The keyword here is mock. Mocking collaborator of a class, we can make expectations about the class behavior.


The conclusion is that code retreat is a good way to improve the developer's skills. The comunity here in Milan is amazing from this point of view. Is full of meetup. Today's meeting teached me to test in new different ways.